You have never seen anything like this before

With Hornback, you have an amazing bicycle that transforms to half its size in seconds.

The patented mechanism is designed to let you fold the bike without lifting making it not only fast but also effortless.

The front and rear axles lock securely to make the Hornback rigid even in the folded state enabling you to manoeuvre it with remarkable ease.

  • Strikingly portable

    take it anywhere.

  • Park safely without 

    worrying about theft.

  • Ride for long distances

    even without battery power.

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Why Hornback?

  • A breakthrough in design and innovation

    The design features stainless steel joints that have been carved with robotic precision. These are then welded to steel tubes using a custom welding process, and an aerospace-grade welding filler, ultimately making a Hornback incredibly strong and durable.

  • Thoroughly tested for your safety

    Hornback takes on new levels of safety. All joints arestrong, rigid and tested in extreme conditions. The folding mechanism is designed to perform forupto 20 years of use, so nothing comes in between you and your safety. A Hornback is 100% safe.

Start riding as soon as you get your bike

Innovation means thinking inside the box.

We deliver the bikes the Hornback way - through innovations in design, engineering and operations, Our bikes are delivered 100% Assembled ensuring that you don't have to do any complicated assembly or wait for a technician to do so. The battery is fitted and charged, the tires are inflated, the gears are calibrated. With Hornback, start riding as soon as you get your bike.

Build by IIT Bombay Alumni, backed by Anand Mahindra

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